Friday, March 24, 2006

Proposed Ohio Standard Probate Forms 17.1 and 17.1(A)

Ohio Supreme Court case announcements on Tuesday, March 21st , included notice of proposed amendments to “Standard Probate Forms 17.1 and 17.1(A) having been published for public comment.

Standard Probate Form 17.1 ( Statements of Expert Evaluation ) have been amended to include information as to medications taken and their effect. It also adds a “guardian’s report” addendum to reflect local practice in some courts.

Standard Probate Form 17.1 (A) ( Supplement for Emergency Guardian of Person ) is being proposed to provide probate courts with information necessary to appoint emergency guardians pursuant to Revised Code § 2111.02 (B)(3).


The Supreme Court will accept comments until April 19, 2006, and should be directed in writing to Jo Ellen Cline , Legislative Counsel, Supreme Court of Ohio, 65 South Front Street, 7th. Floor, Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431, or e-mailed to . Your full name and mailing address should be included with any comments.

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