Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Redistricting issue remains unsettled: GOP gets Democrats to defeat own plan

Last Thursday, House Republicans outmaneuvered their Democratic counterparts, getting them to vote down two proposals designed to create a better system of drawing legislative and congressional districts. After Democrats defeated the initial GOP-sponsored plan, Republicans put them on the spot by resurrecting a 14-month-old proposal sponsored by Cincinnati Democrat Rep. Steve Driehaus.

Democrats are viewed as having the best chance in decades of wresting control of the Ohio Apportionment Board, a panel that redraws legislative district boundaries every 10 years. Its members are the governor, state auditor, secretary of state and two legislators. Ohio will elect a new governor, auditor and secretary of state in November. At a post-session news conference, Democrats accused Republicans of an election year "gimmick" and Driehaus insisted on more time to study the issue and reach a consensus.

Read more about redistricting in the following Ohio House Joint Resolutions:

HJR 6:
HJR 13:

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