Monday, July 17, 2006

Kentucky gun permits

Administrative changes in the application/renewal procedure for carrying handguns and other “concealed” weapons in Kentucky go into effect today.

Initially, a certified birth certificate or naturalization papers were required in applying for permits. That provision is now being supplemented by applicants being able to use a notarized affidavit.

Also, the manner of payment’s changed, with $20 going to the resident’s local county sheriff’s office as before, but now necessitating a separate $40 check or money order with the respective completed form (application for new permit or renewal) for the balance amount to the Kentucky State Police’s office.

Kentucky permits are recognized by both Ohio & Indiana law enforcement agencies.

The application/renewal request procedures are summarized here, with more information posted on the Kentucky State Police’s website. Additional questions and personal concerns are requested to be directed to the applicant’s respective state patrol post.

Kenton County (859) 392-1400 [ ]
Campbell County (859) 292-3833 [ no URL ]
Boone County ( 859) 334-2175 [ ]

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