Monday, September 11, 2006

State Welfare Reform Deadlines

A FindLaw article last Friday relates another approaching deadline for states: compliance with new federal rules regarding their having to “place into job training, community service, or other work activity, 50 percent of welfare-recipient households getting aid, and 90 percent of two-parent households receiving assistance.”

Some 35 states are lagging behind in the effort that was part of a set of broad rules more strictly defining what constitutes “work” and requiring states to verify that adult recipients were doing those activities the states said they were doing. Ohio and Kentucky do not appear on a list provided by the Dept. of Health & Human Services. States face reductions in their welfare block grants of up to 5% the first years if they fail to meet the new requirements, and 2 percentage points for each year after that.

Child & Family Services Administration
“Deficit Reduction Act of 2005” fact sheet

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