Thursday, October 26, 2006

Ohio Fuel Quality Legislation

Passing Senate Bill 383, would enable Ohio to join the other 46 states in the Union to “establish requirements modeled on the uniform laws & regulations of the National Institute of Standards and technology published in Handbook 130 and that incorporate standards for motor fuel based on standards developed by the American Society for Testing & Materials Committee D02 on petroleum products and lubricants.” (Article)

Alaska, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania are the only three states reportedly not having similar laws.

The bill also re-enacts Ohio Revised Code § 319.56, which had been repealed in 1974, now designating county auditors to be inspectors of commercially sold motor fuels in their respective areas.

(Auditor as inspector of weights & measure, ORC § 319.59 )
See also OAC § 901: 6—2—01 et.seq.

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