Friday, March 20, 2009

Ignition Interlock Device Legislation

Ignition interlock devices are back in the news this passed week.

New Mexico was the first state to mandate their use back in 2005, and Alabama, South Dakota, and Vermont still don't carry the restriction; but in between there is a vast array of legislative applications to the concept, the National Conference of State Legislatures shows. According to MADD, six states -- Arizona, Illinois, Louisiana, Nebraska, New Mexico, and Washington—apply the penalty to first-time offenders.

Now, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania may all be joining those ranks with bills pending in their legislators. [ Articles about Kentucky and Pennsylvania endeavors here ]


Kendall B. Parker said...

the ignition interlock device were just meant for those convicted of extreme or repeat DUI. But the present law needs interlock device for all DUI offenders. This new DUI law is formed in Arizona after when New Mexico's alcohol related fatalities decreased to 12% on the enactment of ignition interlock law.more info

Mark Jones said...

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