Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ohio Child Support Laws

A bill introduced in the Ohio General Assembly last week would mark Ohio's first substantial child support overhaul in nearly 20 years, said, Sen. Shirley Smith, the bill's sponsor.

"Ohio's child support laws are outdated and no longer effectively serve the children meant to benefit from them," Sen. Smith said in a recent Toledo News article.

"(Payments) have not been adjusted for inflation, there is no adequate schedule for shared parenting agreements and support for medical expenses is poorly contrived," Sen. Smith said. "Ohio currently uses a payment schedule with figures from 1992. The 18-year-old numbers are outdated and need to be adjusted for rises in inflation. This bill also houses provisions that will set up a council to examine and adjust the payment schedule every four years, so Ohio will not (have) this problem again."

The bill was rooted in the official recommendations made by the 2009 Ohio Child Support Guidelines Advisory Council. (See Report & Recommendations )


Anonymous said...

i hate to say this but the parents who are ordered by the court to pay support are only hurting their child and to use the excuse that they are a student and that they have a lot of homework and they have an energy bill to pay should have to do some kind of community service, should not be allowed to see the child and should loose their rights to shared parenting to other parent who is taking care of things. when u are not seeing your child and you are not clothing feeding and u still have money for hair dye and nails well that just makes me sick that our system is allowing this to happen. this is why so many grandparents are having to give up their retirements because they don`t want to see their child and grandchild struggle. these kids need to be in sports scouts and other school activities to make them well rounded and if parents are slouches what kind of people are we turning out? i for one happen to be the grandparent that does it all to help my grandchild but have no rights. hummmm! figure that one out please. make these parents be accountable.

site said...

The guy is definitely just, and there's no doubt.