Monday, September 13, 2010

Cincinnati passes cellphone texting ordinance

Cincinnati City Council last week approved an ordinance banning the sending, reading or writing of text messages while driving in city limits. The ordinance also bans accessing the Internet while driving, but does not prohibit drivers from talking on a cell phone while driving or entering information into a GPS navigational system, as long as the vehicle is stopped and not in the traffic flow.

The ban, a misdemeanor offense carrying a $100-fine, is still considered a "primary offense", which means police officers can stop motorists for just texting violations. It goes into effect in 30 days. ( Ordinance )

Other Ohio cities including Toledo, Columbus and Cleveland have similar bans, a USAToday article Friday morning said. There are also several texting bills in Ohio's House of Representatives, including HB 415 which passed back in March, and Senate Bill 160, which has just been introduced.

An article the same morning also said that " Indiana has a ban on texting or using the phone while driving, but only for drivers under 18, and that Kentucky recently instituted a similar ban, issuing warnings until Jan. 2, 2011, after which the ticket is $25. Police there said enforcement of the new law has been difficult."


Bob said...

This is a great law in will save many lives. I hope is adopted nation wide as well.

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