Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Ohio Supreme Court seeking public comment on pro hac vice rules of practice

The Ohio Supreme Court announced yesterday that it would be accepting public comment on proposed amendments to the Supreme Court Rules of Practice, including clarifications of the process for admission of out-of-state attorneys, until June 29th..

"New rules governing out-of-state attorneys who want to appear temporarily in a proceeding in Ohio became effective Jan. 1, 2011," the Court's announcement said. "The rules centralized the administration of pro hac vice admission through the Supreme Court's Office of Attorney Services and require annual registration. Pro hac vice is a privilege granted by tribunal to out-of-state attorneys not admitted to practice law in Ohio to appear before the tribunal on a limited basis, but there have been some attorneys seeking pro hac vice admission in Supreme Court cases who have not fully complied with the motion requirements contained in the Rules of Practice."

Comments on the proposed rules should be submitted in writing to: Kristina Frost, Clerk of Court, Supreme Court of Ohio, 65 S. Front St., Eighth Floor, Columbus, OH 43215, or via e-mail to

Text of Proposed Rule Amendments

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Julie Koehne said...

The local rules for Hamilton County Common Pleas on pro hac vice are located @