Monday, January 30, 2012

Ohio public notice website

Beginning this month, courts, judges and/or clerks in Ohio required to publish public notices multiple times in “newspapers of general circulation” will be able to turn to a free statewide website as an alternative, thanks to a portion of the state’s recent 720-page state budget bill that charged the state’s Office of Information Technology with creating a state public notice website it was announced last week. (See )

“Revisions to Ohio Revised Code section 7.16 allow state agencies & political subdivisions, after initially publishing notices in full in a general circulation newspaper, to subsequently publish an ‘abbreviated’ notice in the newspaper if the notice directs the public to the full notice on the state public notice website… the Supreme Court’s staff has identified about a dozen such instances.

OIT notes that users will need to register with the Ohio Business Gateway and establish an online account to use the state public notice website, and has set up an informational version of the state public notice website with more information & instructions. (See also Here)

Additional guidance will be provided by the Ohio Judicial Conference in the upcoming issue of its quarterly newsletter, For the Record.

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