Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Proposed Ohio Supreme Court Attorney Disciplinary Rule Changes

The Ohio Supreme Court announced it will entertain public comment on proposed rule amendments yesterday to refine the existing default judgment process when a lawyer fails to comply with his professional duty to respond to disciplinary charges., specifying Rule 5 on Disciplinary Procedure and new Section 6a Interim Default Suspension of its Rules for the Government of the Bar of Ohio. [ Proposed Amendments ]

Recommended by the Board of Commissioners on Grievances & Discipline, the Court's announcement said the proposed changes are intended to meet two goals:
•to protect the public from a lawyer who has ignored his or her duty to cooperate with the disciplinary authorities or is attempting to manipulate or delay the process while continuing to practice law
Comments should be submitted in writing to:
Richard A. Dove, Secretary, Board of Commissioners on Grievances & Discipline
65 South Front Street, 5th Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215-3431
or rick.dove@sc.ohio.gov not later than April 3, 2012
It is asked that you include your full name and mailing address in any comments submitted by e-mail, and not to submit comments both via regular mail & e-email.

It is also noted that ff your comment/s refer to a specific provision of the proposed amendments, to reference the line numbers that appear along the left margin of the proposed amendments.
•to encourage respondents to participate in the disciplinary process and do so more promptly, and

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