Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ohio Supreme Court Rule Amendments

The Ohio Supreme Court announced yesterday that it has adopted amendments to its rules of evidence, appellate procedure, civil procedure, criminal procedure, and juvenile procedure, including those to Juv. R. 3, which mandates that juveniles consult with legal counsel before waiving their right to an attorney in specific cases.

Many of the proposed changes target inconsistencies, allow for electronic means of service, remove outdated concepts, or move certain rules to other sections that make more sense. There are, however, two new rules:
•Civil Procedure Rule 65.1 was adopted regarding civil protection orders to reconcile procedures applicable to civil actions and the requirements and purposes of the governing statutes.

•Juvenile Procedure Rule 5 was adopted that requires juvenile courts to use a juvenile’s initials rather than his or her full name in court decisions and press releases.

Unless the General Assembly passes a concurrent resolution of disapproval, the rules take effect on July 1.

Text of Amendments

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