Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Decade-long Abortion Law Study

The University of Pittsburgh's Jurist Paper Chase last Friday carried a piece on The Guttmacher Institute's releasing a study detailing how "the enactment of numerous anti-abortion laws over the past decade has affected the reproductive rights of American women and created discrepancies among states."

"In order to develop a picture of the current state of American women's reproductive rights," Jurist said, "the study analyzed the types of abortion restrictions passed in each state over the past 10 years, designating each state as 'supportive' for passing provisions in only one category of restrictions, 'middle-ground' for enacting provisions in two or three categories or 'hostile' for four or more categories.

"It found that this year states have enacted 39 new restrictions on abortion access, down from 80 restrictions passed by this time last year, and that 55 percent of all American women live in one of the 26 states that have hostile regulations against abortion rights."

[ Link to Study ]

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