Friday, August 31, 2012

7th. Circuit sex offender registry due process violation

The University of Pittsburgh's Jurist PaperChase earlier this week reported the 7th. Circuit Court of Appeals last Tuesday holding that "by not allowing Indiana citizens to appeal erroneous entries on the state Sex and Violent Offender Registry, the Indiana Department of Corrections was in violation of defendants' Due Process rights." (7th. Circuit decision).

Jurist further notes that "the varying restrictions imposed by sex offender registries have been under scrutiny lately. The US Supreme Court, for instance, ruled in January, in Reynolds v. U.S., that sex offenders who committed their offenses prior to the passage of the federal sex offender registry do not have to list themselves unless the Attorney General commands them to, and a law that banning registered sex offenders from public libraries in Albuquerque, New Mexico was also struck down in federal appeals court that. (John Doe v. City of Albuquerque )

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