Thursday, September 06, 2012

Ohio State Bar Association The Law & You" Free Publication

While not intended to be a definitive work substituting for professional consultation, the 14th edition of the Ohio State Bar Association's "The Law & You" provides laypersons with a wide overview of the fundamentals of law, particularly as applicable in the state of Ohio.

Supreme Court's announcement from last month says "the 349-page handbook, funded by the Ohio State Bar Foundation, is divided into 15 chapters that include summaries as well as web links. According to the book's introduction, the basic subjects covered are the sources of law, organization and operation of the courts, legal procedure, criminal law, torts, contracts, business transactions and corporations, property law, probate law, family law, workplace law, school law, online law and media law. In addition, a glossary explains many technical terms the layperson is likely to encounter."

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