Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Reorganizing aspects of government suggested by study?

  A FoxNews exclusive this morning reports “The Obama administration should dramatically reorganize the relationships between America’s federal departments and agencies, and overcome legal barriers to help install the nebulous principle of 'sustainability'  across government, the economy and society at large, according to a new National Research Council study sponsored by many of the federal departments that would be most affected.

  “The study also calls for installing sustainability in the 'culture of government' and recommends that the U.S. look for inspiration to a number of 'national sustainable development strategies' adopted under the United Nation’s controversial Agenda 21, a highly detailed blueprint for reworking the global economy and environment that was reaffirmed at last year’s Rio + 20 summit on sustainable development. More than 100 nations have adopted such strategies, though the U.S. is not among them…”

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