Tuesday, April 18, 2006

State immigration laws

With most of the attention on immigration centered on Washington and federal reform & border protection issues, its sometimes easy to forget most of the states and some localities are also confronting the topic on their levels.

The National Conference of State Legislatures has an overview of immigration-related legislation posted on their site covering some 368 bills from 42 states as of February 28, 2006. Notably, that report indicates employment considerations receiving the most consideration with 26 states having generated 71 bills. Law enforcement and identification issues, respectively, were next most active.

Not included in the NCSL project is Georgia’s immigration bill, which was passed yesterday, and is being referred to as having the “toughest measures against illegal immigration in the country.” (Article)

Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana are not without pending bills, either.

· Criminal activity (SB 9) and Medicare documentation (HB 358) in Ohio
· Employment (HB 150, 558, & 89), enforcement of federal immigration laws (HB 115), and tuition rates for nonresidents (HB 39) in Kentucky
· Restrictions on illegal aliens (HB 1383), language requirements on legal documents (HB 1348) and drivers’ license identification (HB1310) in Indiana

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