Thursday, August 03, 2006

Woman on Ohio death row's sentence vacated

The Ohio Supreme Court yesterday vacated an initial sentence of death for 62-year old Donna Roberts, remanding the case back to its trial court for proper sentencing, finding no justification to reverse her conviction, but holding “that the trial court’s sentencing opinion supporting the death penalty was so grievously flawed that it cannot properly support the sentence imposed.” (State v. Roberts)

Roberts and Nathaniel Jackson were both found guilty of aggravated murder, robbery, and burglary in 2001. Jackson’s sentence was upheld earlier this year. (State v. Jackson)

Roberts is one of two women currently on death row in Ohio. Nicole Diar, found guilty of complicity to corrupt with drugs, murdering her four-year old son, tampering with evidence, arson, and felonious assault last year, is the other. She filed a notice of direct appeal on Dec. 2nd., which is now pending

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