Monday, August 28, 2006

You're Super! No, Really, the Greatest!

The ongoing turmoil about lawyer advertising and who is a Super Lawyer or BestLawyer in America ('s report on the New Jersey ethics activity) and who isn't is interesting to watch. As this piece in Friday's Columbus Business First (online Bizjournal) notes, there are a wide variety of lists, directories and other ranking guides. Cincinnati's own Bizjournal, the online version of the Cincinnnati Business Courier, is soliciting entries for its own 2006 Who's Who in Greater Cincinnati Law. Nominations are due Sept. 12, 2006.

Superlawyers has kicked into gear on their opposition to the New Jersey Supreme Court ethics panel decision, hosting their own blog at The Supreme Court has stayed the ethics opinion. So far, other states haven't joined in. Georgia's State Bar has indicated it hasn't had any complaints about Superlawyers, although they do monitor changes in advertising, according to

Want the latest on lawyer advertising? The American Bar Association's Center for Professional Responsibility keeps its fingers on that particular pulse.

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