Wednesday, November 08, 2006

AFL-CIO files "supervisory" complaint

In a follow-up to yesterday’s NLRB posting, the AFL-CIO, it has been learned, filed a complaint with the International Labor Organization on Oct. 23, claiming the Oakwood Healthcare ruling and those of two other related cases violate international labor law standards.

An article in BNA’s U. S. Law Week on Oct. 31st. said that according to the AFL-CIO the international committee had previously stated that “the expression ‘supervisors’ should be limited to cover only persons genuinely presenting the interests of the employer.”

The AFL-CIO is also seeking to form a legislative movement “to restore the traditional, more balanced test for supervisory status, limiting it to genuine supervisors and managers,” according to that article, asking the ILO to send a delegation to the United States to investigate the effects of the recent Oakwood decisions.

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