Tuesday, November 07, 2006

NLRB defines "supervisor"

Guidelines for determining whether an individual is a “supervisor” under the National Labor Relations Act were set forth September 29th. by the NLRB in what’s being described as a major decision from that body. (Oakwood Healthcare, Inc., 348 NLRB 37 )

An Oct. 3rd. press release stated, “in NRLB v. Kentucky River Community Care, the Supreme Court criticized the Board’s extant interpretation of Section 2(ll) [of the National Labor Relations Act] of the term ‘independent judgment.’ As a result, the Board endeavored today’s Oakwood Healthcare decision to re-examine & clarify its interpretations of that term as well as the terms ‘assign’ and ‘responsible to direct,’ as those terms are set forth in said Section 2(11).”

NLRB v. Kentucky River Community Care

§ 2(11) National Labor Relations Act

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