Friday, December 08, 2006

Council of State Governments' Justice Center Portal

The Council of State Governments last Tuesday announced the creation of its new “Justice Center” project – a national resource program on criminal justice policy. (Press release)

CSG is a multibranched organization, founded in 1933 by Colorado Senator Henry Toll as a plan for a national association serving state leaders & their institutions; forecasting social, economic, and political trends, offering policy response information to individual states, and advocating multi-state problem-solving.

The new program evolved over a 10-year period out of group’s eastern regional conference, now intended to serve all states in “promoting effective data-driven practices—particularly in areas in which the criminal justice system intersects other disciplines such as public health, criminal justice professionals’ responses to mental illness & crime victims, racial disparities, “justice reinvestment,” prisoner re-entry, and other complex justice-related issues.

Justice Center’s website

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