Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Bill creating Commission on Violence Against Women & Children in Ohio

  Ohio House Representatives Bill Patmon and John Barnes last Monday introduced a bill which would create a “commission on violence against women & children” to study the problem of violence against women and children, including emotional, physical, and socio-economic forms of violence, and  prepare an annual report making  recommendations on implementing solutions for its prevention

  Among that commission’s directives would be:
(1)  Determining factors that lead to violence against women & children;
(2)  Summarizing in its annual report the initial impact and aftermath, long-term implications of violence against women and children;
(3)  Including the gathering of data for the state regarding missing women & children and violence against women & children in the report;
(4)  State in its report the best methods for the timely reporting and finding of missing women and children, and for preventing violence against women and         children; and
(5)  Identifying and suggesting in the report changes in the laws of this state and in the policies of state and local government agencies that will reduce the number of missing women and children and will stop violence against women and children,
  To be done “on or before August 1, 2014, and on or before the first day of August of each year thereafter,in reports to the governor, president and minority leader of the senate, speaker and minority leader of the house of representatives, and chief justice of the supreme court"

Text of Bill

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