Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Proposed Changes to Ohio Interpreter Service Rules

 During her annual State of the Judiciary speech on Sept. 12th.,  Ohio Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor announced plans for a major new program to ensure that those who needed foreign or sign language interpreters in court would be provided with one. Yesterday the Court announced the proposal of  rule changes as part of that far-reaching program to allow Ohioans who need interpreters better access to the judicial system.

 The Court’s news service reported that “the proposals would amend Rules 80-88 of the Rules of Superintendence for the Courts of Ohio that govern foreign and sign language interpretation in Ohio’s courts -- Among those changes  the addition of Rule 89 that would add standards for using a foreign language interpreter over the phone, including:
  Text of the Proposed Rules can be accessed here.
    Comments on the proposed rule amendments will be accepted in writing until October 30 and should be submitted to:

Identifying when telephonic interpretation services are             appropriate, including a maximum time limit that makes            telephonic interpretation most effective.
Setting standards for the equipment used during telephonic      interpretation.
•   Requiring the interpreter to take an oath, and
Creating awareness of coordinating and monitoring the            service.
Other rule changes announced today include defining what types of court or case function might require an interpreter, extending the period for provisional certification, and establishing a roster of non-certified foreign language interpreters.
Bruno Romero, Manager
Supreme Court of Ohio Language Services Program
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Or via e-mail to bruno.romero@sc.ohio.gov.

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